Thursday, January 04, 2007

Webley Edwards presents "Hawaii Calls" - Soft Hawaiian Guitars

I tried to upload this fine little Hawaiian/Exotica (Hawaiianotica?) LP once before but my copy sucked, quality-wise. Got a new copy and it sounds pretty good. This a very very nice exotica lite style collection of instrumentals. Don't let the "guitars" thing throw you off: the guitars are not overwhelming. Some ethereal (mostly wordless) vox and just a touch of sound effects make this most definitely an exotica album. Don't pass it up!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Nat Mara and his Tahitians - Welcome to Tahiti

I don't know much about Tahitian pop music but I do know that some of the more traditional sounding tamure type stuff usually has a very frenzied tempo. These romantic pop tunes are of a much more sweetly languorous style that I, for some unknown reason, associate with Yves Roche.

If you know Tahitian pop standards then you'll find many of them here.