Friday, November 24, 2006

Arthur Lyman - Puka Shells

I haven't listened to the whole Arthur Lyman catalog, but this is the first one I can recall hearing that featured vocals. The beautiful young Kapiolani solos on a couple of tracks and duets with Art on a couple more. If you've ever wanted to hear Mr Lyman sing, well here's your chance. I'll leave it at that. He can be heard on the opening track "Puka Shells" and then again on "Guava Tree."

All in all, about half of the tracks contain vocals. There are two killer exotica tracks included: "Legend of the Rain" and "Mystic Island." "Adios, Marquita Linda" is pretty sweet as well. This rip was done with virgin vinyl so it sounds pretty darn good.

Released in 1975 on GNP Crescendo.

Puka Shells

EDIT: Oops! I see that I left the second track "Skybird" off of the first upload. Sorry! Here's that single track: here.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Los Indios Tabajaras - Song of the Islands

Two brothers, members of the indigenous Tabajaras tribe in the interior of Brazil, Los Indios Tabajaras recorded several albums in the 50s and 60s (and beyond??). This LP was recorded in 1968 and is a collection of Hawaiian-type songs with a definite exotica sound. The music is built around the acoustic guitars of the brothers with some exotic percussion, bird calls and otherwordly wordless vox thrown in as well.


Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Hawaiian Islanders - Hawaiian Enchantment

Well, I'm back!

I got a little bored with the LP digitizing thing and gave my time to other hobbies for a while. So anyway I'm back to the vinyl albums for a bit. Here's an instrumental (some choral vox on the finale) long player thats on Wyncote and undoubtedly all haole but still a good listen.

Classic cover art.

I'll have some new exotica over the next few days.

Hawaiian Enchantment