Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Richard Kauhi and the Polynesians - Hawaiian Sunset

Richard Kauhi and the Polynesians featuring: Harry Baty - Bob Nichols - Bernie Mattison - Bernie Allen.

This is a nice little set of mid-tempo hapa haole crooning in front of a small jazzy lounge combo. Not a world beater but nice mellow romantic aloha music. Every now and then you need a slow number thrown into your Hawaiian mix to give all the drunken haole dancers a chance to catch their breaths, and you can't always use Alfred Apaka so try using some Richard Kauhi and the Polynesians once in a while.

In stereo. On Crown Records.


Blogger johnny dollar said...

lissnin to it now - great friday afternoon soundtrack :) mahaloooo

1:28 PM  
Blogger julioxo said...

Thanks for sharing

6:53 PM  

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