Sunday, July 30, 2006

Featured Drink: Sleepy Lagoon

I feel a little guilty about this recipe because I changed it up a wee bit. Obviously, its silly to feel guilty about that since every legendary tiki bar of yore had it's own versions of all the classics. How many versions of the Mai Tai are there? Donn Beach and Vic Bergeron both claim to have invented that uber-drink but both recipes are quite different. For what its worth, I'll always believe that Vic invented the Mai Tai simply because his recipe is simple and elegant when compared to Donn's recipe which included grapefruit juice, falernum and (oh the horror!) Pernod. Anyway, I'm a bit of a purist when it comes to making the vintage cocktail recipes so I do this with some small amount of trepidation...but damnit! the name "Sleepy Lagoon" is too great a drink name to be consigned to as poor a drink as the original is.

When you're dabbling in vintage cocktail recipes you'll undoubtedly run across more than a few stinkeroos. Some of these old drinks are just plain nasty. Rather than dump the offending drink down the sink and waste my hard earned booze, I have found that no matter how foul the concoction is, adding orgeat syrup will eventually (keep adding it) render it palatable.

The World can do without the original Sleepy Lagoon as it appears in Okolemaluna! I found it fairly hard to get down the gullet so, as per my usual practice, I added a half ounce of orgeat syrup. Whoa! Pretty good drink!

It maybe could use a little more tweaking but here it is:

SLEEPY LAGOON (Kono's version)

1oz brandy
1oz dry gin
.5oz orange juice
.5oz orgeat syrup
dash of lemon juice

Shake with cracked ice and strain into a cocktail glass.

If you're brave enough to have the original just delete the orgeat (but keep it close at hand - trust me).


Blogger Traitor Vic said...

So... The original recipe is the same as yours sans the Orgeat? 1 oz. Brandy, 1 oz. Gin, .5 oz Orange Juice and a dash of Lemon Juice?

Wow! The even SOUNDS kind of FOUL now that I've typed it all out.

But... You know how we are, Kono. The Purist in us wants to love the original. I too, however, change things that, well... Need to Be Changed!

Thanks for the recipe!

Also thanks for the post counseling me on the "Comment Moderation" question. I took your advice and really appreciate it.

1:51 AM  

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