Sunday, December 17, 2006

Tak Shindo - Brass and Bamboo

While it's not the best exotica album of all time, Brass and Bamboo does contain what I consider to be one of the top three exotica tracks of all time, Tak's version of "Bali Ha'i."

There are several other great tracks such as "Caravan" and "The Song of Delilah."

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Tak Shindo


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kono,

I think it may have been me leaving requests without names!

I was hoping to see if you would repost two of your little gems:

Fantastic Strings Orchestra - The Shadow of Your Smile


Milt Raskin - Kapu

I am really enjoying the music - truly collectible stuff, thanks so much for taking the time.

Happy Holidays!

2:31 PM  
Blogger julioxo said...

Many, many thanks for these splendid Cd's

Merry Christmas! Sr.Kono

10:44 AM  
Blogger sr. mexicant said...


Siiii Seeenooorrr!!!


1:51 AM  
Blogger ish said...

THere's a wonderful old 10" album from Tak (Takeshi) Shindo called Mood in Koto. Japan only I think. Have you ever heard it?

9:42 AM  
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10:44 AM  
Anonymous Indian Pharmacy said...

What a strange album! only a true Japanese can appreciate this stuff!

1:36 PM  

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